Rossi on the Need for a Partner [Updated Again]

Here’s an exchange I had with Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about his partnership with the American company he has referred to so often. I know there are some who have been concerned that Rossi has ‘sold out’ by turning his technology over to external corporate interests, who may want to restrict the use of the E-Cat (prevent the sale of domestic E-Cats, for example) or even keep it completely from being used in the real world.

Dear Andrea,

I think more people are becoming convinced of the reality of your technology in light of the recent test report and I am sure that many are looking forward to seeing the E-Cat in the marketplace.

1. What are the advantages for your technology in entering to a partnership with a US partner rather than staying independent?
A. Our US Partner is a Carrier, like the Enterprise, we are a small warship. Now we can fight to win a world war. Without the help of our US Partner we could not survive. Maybe also physically.

2. How have you been able to ensure that your technology will not be buried or surpressed?
A. Choosing the right Partner, enthusiast and on the same wavelength of us

3. Have there been any attempts by outside interests to bury your invention?
A. yes, but they just tried to turn a tiger into a vegetarian. But this made necessary to find a strong Partner: you know what they say: if you cannot buy an enemy, kill him. There are many ways to kill a person.

Some interesting hints here — he talks about the need for a partner being necessary for the survival of his technology, and maybe even himself. Sharing his secrets with the partner may have taken a lot of pressure off Rossi, and apparently given him protection he could not have found if he had remained independent.


Rossi made an additional statement regarding the partner:

Andrea Rossi
May 31st, 2013 at 5:34 AM
Dear Gian Luca:
The necessity to stay behind the curtain of secrecy is due to the necessity to work without disturbments from the enemies until the plants are operating.
We want not to be disturbed during the initial period during which technological problems have to be adjusted. You can imagine what will happen after it will be known where our plants are operating, and we need to be prepared also under the security point of view, with a consolidated operation of the plants. Only after this the USA Partner will make a press conference.
This is why here are spammed all the comments that ask us ” why your Partner wants not be known?”, again, and again, and again…..
Warm Regards,


Here’s another relevant quote from a different JONP thread

Dear Luca Salvarani:
Our USA Partner is enthusiast of the E-Cats and is making all the necessary endeavours to develope this technology and all the possible applications at the maximum possible level. Obviously I will fight standing by him.
Warm Regards,