Engineering News Covers E-Cat Tests

Engineering News, a South African weekly trade magazine which covers news in all industrial sectors has published an article by Jeremy Wakeford entitled “Interest in LENR device resurges as independent report is released”.

It’s an accurate summary of the test, covering the key points that have been mentioned here many times — the COP, energy density, lack of radiation detected, etc. When the author talks about a resurgence of interest in LENR he really is talking about the blogosphere — remarking that few mainstream sources have covered the story so far.

In conclusion he states:

“If further testing proves that the E-Cat works as claimed, then the reported energy densities suggest that this could be a massively disruptive technology – and a clean one at that. Given how badly the world needs cheap and clean energy, it is a wonder that LENR is garnering so little attention.”

That’s something I’ve wondered about myself many times. To my way of thinking this is something that deserves wide coverage and discussion in the media throughout the world — it’s an alternative energy that should now be considered alongside solar, wind, fuel cells, biofuels, etc. which are discussed widely and frequently.