Professor Yeong Kim Reports Witnessing Positive Defkalion Test

Peter Gluck who runs the Ego Out blog has conducted an interview with theoretical physicist Professor Yeong E Kim of Purdue University. Kim has had a longstanding interest in cold fusion going back to the days of Pons and Fleischmann and has authored over 50 papers in the field of LENR since then. In this interview he talks about his involvement in the field over the years.

Recently he mentions that he has visited Defkalion Green Technologies in Canada at their Vancouver lab and talks about what he witnessed there:

“Recently, I had an opportunity to observe experimental runs of DGTG’s R-5 reactor carried out by their group of scientists in Vancouver. The results were positive. More importantly the results are reproducible, since there had been many positive runs with other observers so far in addition to my observation. This is very significant historically since we have now a device which yields reproducible results for the first time. It is a break-through which we have been waiting for.
The break-through is accomplished by new comers, new breed of scientists and engineers lead by a mathematician who became an excellent scientist. This is a new wave and new paradigm change.”

Dr. Kim states that what he witnessed with Defkalion has left him optimistic about the state of LENR research and he says he intends to collaborate with them. Defkalion is scheduled to present a paper at the ICCF-18 conference this summer at the University of Missouri, and may also be presenting at the NI week in Austin Texas this summer. It would be good to get more information about the testing that Dr. Kim witnessed.