Appendix on Electrical Measurements Added to 3rd Party Report

A new version of the 3rd Party E-Cat report has been uploaded to site which now includes a new appendix on electrical measurments. This has presumably been done in response to charges that the test could have been faked by Andrea Rossi by means of supplying hidden power sources to the E-Cat. The appendix notes that during the March test:

All cables were checked before measurements began. The ground cable, the presence of which was necessary for safety reasons, was disconnected. The container holding the electronic control circuitry was lying on a wooden plank and was lifted off the surface it was resting on, and checked on all sides to make sure that there were no other connections.

We furthermore made sure that the frame supporting the E-CAT HT2 was not fastened to the
pavement and that there were no cables connected to it. Therefore, apart from its connections to the control electronics, the E-CAT HT2 appeared to be electrically insulated.

The appendix also includes a wiring diagram of the power and harmonics analyzer along with images of current and voltage waveforms. The waveforms for the measured voltages show are symmetrical sinusoids indicating no presence of DC voltage (hidden DC power is what some critics have charged could be the source of the apparent excess energy produced by the E-Cat).

The appendix can be found on page 30 and 31 of the report.