I am not surprised that bringing up Al Gore here yesterday stirred up some more discussion of anthropogenic (man-made) global warming — AGW. This topic is bound to come up in discussions about the benefits of LENR/Cold Fusion, since so much energy debate and policy is centered around the reduction of greenhouse gasses (LENR produces none). However AGW is a topic that has the tendency to stir up heated debate and strong passions from people who have different opinions about the topic of global warming and climate change.

Because I don’t want E-Cat World to become another site where a debate rages over whether AGW is real or not, I’d like to set some guidelines for commenters to follow when the topic comes up.

Please feel free to state your opinion about what you think about AGW. I want people on all sides of this issue to feel comfortable expressing themselves on the topic. But please do not enter into lengthy arguments about the topic with other posters, and please do not apply derogatory labels to people who think differently on the topic (or any topic for that matter) than you. Let’s keep the conversation here respectful. I’ll be moderating posts that get personal or insulting.

The focus of this site is on LENR, and I think it’s something that people on all sides of the climate debate can be enthusiastic about. It seems to me that where ever one stands on the political/environmental/social spectrum, LENR offers advantages above other energy sources.