Washington Post Gives Visibility for LENR at WonkBlog

Here’s a chance for people to share their thoughts and lend their support to LENR at the Washington Post’s Wonkblog (thanks for finding this, Sanjeev!). The Wonkblog has a social platform, CrowdSourced, which allows readers to share their ideas which other readers can vote on.

The first discussion on Wonkblog CrowdSources is around the question “What energy sources offer the most promise for the U.S. economically and environmentally?” It would seem this would be an ideal venue for a discussion of LENR. Already on the first page among what are considered the “more interesting” comments by writer Neil Irwin are some mentions of LENR:

Low Energy Nuclear reactions, aka cold fusion, deserve more attention. Cold fusion challenges our understanding of plasma fusion, which leads to its quick dismissal by many. However there is a growing body of research showing the effects are real and replicable.

Mark Gibbs of Forbes is doing a good job following one of the more promising prospects. Start here for more.


If LENr can be developed as a conventional energy source society would have unlimited energy with almost zero pollution. Pretty much what everyone is looking for, right?

If you want to vote for a particular energy source proposal, or share your own, you can do so here. LENR currently is tied in fourth place with six votes. I think it might deserve to be higher.