Italian TV Programme: "Cold Fusion E-CAT is the Energy of the Future?"

I’m afraid many of us are going to need quite a bit of help from our Italian speaking friends to understand this. A TV programme, Prometeo, was aired on an Italian Class Meteo TV Channel (which seems to have some connection to the US Weather Channel) titled “Cold Fusion E-CAT is the energy of the future?”

From what I can gather from viewing the video without understanding most of the commentary, it’s an introduction to the topic of cold fusion and specifically the work of Andrea Rossi. There are some clips of Rossi speaking and footage of his e-cat which I think many of us that have seen before. There is also a studio interview on the show with a Renato Estri of an organization called Artech. Below is a link to the show.

Any help with this from Italian speakers will be greatly appreciated!