Rossi: Not Slowed Down Despite 'Dirt Plays' from 'Army of Snakes' [Update — AR Explains More]

Andrea Rossi’s motto seems to be that all problems can be dealt with by continuing to work. Here’s a recent comment on the Journal of Nuclear Physics regarding the state of affairs in his work.

We have not been slowed down and we reached a COP, without taxpayers’ financing, 6 times the COP reached, in 40 years and a hundred billions of the Taxpayers money, from the hot fusion guys. And we have not been slowed down even if an army of snakes has tried, and is trying, to boycott our work with all the possible dirt plays. And when I say all the possible dirt plays you can’t imagine what I am talking about. Nonetheless we are making good working plants.
Warm Regards,

It would be interesting to get some details about what he is referring to here, but I don’t expect he’ provide any more details.

BTW, I asked Rossi on the JONP a couple of days ago about whether the 1 MW plant had been installed and if so, how it was working, and he replied: “I am not authorized to give any information so far, but as soon as possible I will.”


Andrea Rossi explains more in response to this question by Bernie Koppenhoffer:

In the past you have denied any kind of conspiracy against your work and your E-Cats, has your position changed on this subject? Please inform us of the “dirt plays” so we can help you discredit the snakes.

Bernie Koppenhofer:
Yes, my position is changed. After the publication of the Report of the Third Indipendent Party the aggressivity against my person has changed register. The snakes prepared the ground for forces of another order of magnitude. Now I am running real risks, not deriving from the clowns and their snakes, but from higher echelons, supplied by deadly force. I got specific information. I am safe in the USA, not outside. Snakes are marginal . Now they are just keeping up stupidities, like ” in Uppsala Rossi one year ago made a test that did not co well ” ( yes, is true: one year ago I made a test in Uppsala that we have not been able to make because a welding of the reactor broke up: so, what?), or like ” 13 years ago ( !!!) LTI made a contract with DOD to supply Seebeck Effect generators that did not work” , but it is a misrepresentation: in the year 2000 LTI agreed with DOD to test an industrialized version of a prototype working by the Seebeck Effect: such prototype, made by myself in 1000 hours, therefore extremely expensive, had reached 20% of efficiency; we had to make an industrialized version, economically sustainable, but I have not been able to do it, in fact the efficiency of the thermoelectric modules after industrialized production fall down to 5%, made by modules of 2 to 5 Watts of power, destined to be combined to make any power. The research has been made with the clear knowledge of the fact that the passage from a manufacturing made handycraft by me to an industrialized version could not work. The honesty of our work has been so clear, that DOD continued for years to work with LTI for other issues.
The snakes and the clowns, unfortunately, are not our enemies, they are a piece of cake ( snakes are delicious boiled, with some mayonnaise and champagne).
Warm Regards,