Forbes Covers Hydro Fusion's Offer of Free E-Cat Plant

Mark Gibbs of continues to cover recent E-Cat developments in a new article titled “Psstt! Want An E-Cat LENR Generator? For Free?”

The article covers the recent offer by Hydro Fusion of a free 1 MW low temperature E-Cat plant which has been discussed here, but Gibbs notes a new footnote that has been added recently to the Jun 10 press release which states:

As the funding comes with particular restrictions, Hydro Fusion is unable to consider offers from outside of Sweden. Thank you for those offers already made from around the world.

I think this a significant addendum since it implies that Hydro Fusion is working with an outside funder (probably Swedish) which possibly will be the recipient of any funds that the final customer will be paying for the heat produced by the E-Cat — which is part of the deal.

According to Andrea Rossi on June 12th, the customer may already have been chosen:

The Swedish formula depends on the Licensees, not from us. Leonardo Corp sells the 1 MW plants, and the owners of the plants can use them the way they prefer: if they want to invest in a plant to sell energy, they can do it. We just make a due diligence on the final Customer who buys the energy, before accepting the solution. Our Swedish licensee has proposed to us a Customer we like, therefore they are free to buy a plant to put it in the concern of their Customer and sell the energy. We gave them green light, but this is an initiative of theirs, not of ours.

Mark Gibbs asks in the article for applicants for the plant to contact him. My guess is that anyone who is going through the application process, and especially the chosen applicant will be keeping a low profile until the project is completed, and people start showing up to see it in action.