Rossi Anticipating New Attack

Here’s a comment posted yesterday by Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics that indicates that he is expecting some kind of new attack to be published about him:

“Somebody will try soon to write another black page of the tale, diffusing false information. But we have solid shoulders, after 30 years of fights.”

It seems from this comment that Rossi has been given some kind of tip-off about some kind of publication coming out — but he doesn’t appear to be unduly worried about it. We have seen that the publication of the 3rd party E-Cat test report has not mollified some of Rossi’s most outspoken critics, and it seems that Rossi is anticipating more of the same — maybe more severe than before.

It doesn’t appear at the moment, however, that criticisms of the recent report have had much of an influence on the opinions of people following the story. If the current E-Cat World poll is any indication of the current opinion of people following the story (anyone can respond), out of over 1400 respondents, 85 per cent of responders have a positive view of the E-Cat since the 3rd party report — with 62 per cent more convinced of the E-Cat’s reality, and 23 per cent remain as positive as ever.

In the end, of course, public opinion won’t matter too much if working E-Cats find their way into the marketplace and work satisfactorily for customers. I think the recent report has gone a long way to soothing the suspense that many observers were feeling about the technology. But now there is another sense of anticipation — who exactly is the US partner? Once that partner is revealed, and if it is an entity with a solid track record, it is going to be even more difficult to conclude that Rossi has been deceiving people about his technology.