Rossi on E-Cat Electricity Generation

Yesterday I put a question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics to Andrea Rossi regarding the production of electricity from the E-Cat. Rossi has talked a lot about using the hot cat to create steam at temperatures high enough to produce electricity efficiently, but as far as I could gather had not mentioned that they had been successful in their work.

This was my question:

It seems that for a long time you have been working on producing electricity from the E-Cat using the Carnot cycle – but you have recently stated that you have not been successful so far. Could you explain what have been the main difficulties – and how close you are to success?

Rossi’s response:

Sorry to correct you, but I did not say we have not been successful, I said we are working on it, with very positive perspectives.

I’m happy to be corrected here! Normally, when someone says they are “working on it”, it indicates to me that they haven’t yet finished the job – but that’s not apparently what Rossi meant.

Anyway, if they have been successful in producing electricity, it’s good news – especially if they have “very positive perspectives.” Electricity is much more versatile than pure heat, and if the E-Cat can produce electricity more efficiently than other energy sources it will make it a very attractive alternative. Having a cogeneration E-Cat plant that can produce both heat and electricity will give you the best of both worlds.

I hope we will be hearing more about these ‘very positive perspectives’ soon.