Rossi: Work on the E-Cat 'Continues 24/7 [Update — AR on Shifts]

Here’s Andrea Rossi responding to a question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about when he will start selling E-Cats to public utilities.

Our USA Partner and world Licensee for the manufacturing is the sole in charge to determine the sales of energy and/or plants.
I have great hopes for the E-Cat and what it can accomplish, and I am pleased about the findings of the other Scientists who have participated in evaluating it so far.
As this technology is still in the development stage and undergoing rigorous review, I want to allow the continued process of testing that technology to determine its potential and its uses.
I am pleased with our progress to date and I will share more as our work continues 24/7 in the USA.
Warm Regards,

This is a rather vague statement — and one you might expect from someone who wants to give a general impression without providing many details. If Rossi is no longer in charge of the business aspects of the E-Cat he will certainly not be authorized to say very much at all publicly about what is going on commercially until he has permission from his partners, and we are not at that stage yet.

24/7 work on the E-cat implies that work is taking place on a large scale. If manufacturing facilities are being prepared, and they want to start producing E-Cats asap, it is very conceivable that people could be working round the clock to get things ready.


Rossi added this post regarding the 24/7 post:

Andrea Rossi
July 4th, 2013 at 6:57 AM

David Linebarger:
It happens to work 24 hours straight to me, in particular situation when it is indispensable my presence for very important tests. Our Team members make normal shifts, of course, but in exceptional situations they work more than that; as a matter of fact, the 24/7 are covered by shifts.
Warm Regards,