Rossi's Changing Role

I think we are seeing a new Andrea Rossi these days. Until quite recently he seemed to be very much his own man when it came to the development and commercialization of the E-Cat. My understanding that he is still CEO of Leonardo Corporation, but he says that he is now working full time for his USA partner in the role of Chief Scientist.

He has made some statements lately on the Journal of Nuclear Physics which indicate that he is now playing more of a corporate role — and seems to be toning down his responses to questions, providing fewer details and more cautious statements which sound more typically corporate than previously. A couple of examples:

E-Cat is still in a phase of research and development, as I continue this work more findings will be released and additional technical information will be provided once practicable. As I focus on continuing my research, I will not be able to respond to each specific questions.

R&D involves our technology in all its aspects, and all the tests we are making are at the base of the evolution of all our present and future line of production. As the chief scientist of the USA Concern, this is my main duty. [This in response to a question about the domestic E-Cat]

If Rossi is now speaking as an employee of the partner, these kinds of responses are not at all surprising. He will certainly have been given some limits from the new entity about what he says, and knowing Rossi, I think he will be careful to operate within the boundaries he has been given. He prizes loyalty very highly, and I am sure he will be loyal to his new partners.

So I think we may be entering into a new phase in terms of communication from Rossi about the E-Cat. It may lead to less detailed information about his work — which would be frustrating to some, I am sure. But a big corporate interest will want to be very careful about controlling information, especially about a revolutionary technology is at stake.