Rossi on Skepticism — Empathy with the Wrights

Here’s another video clip from Thomas Florek’s recent interview with Andrea Rossi in which he discusses the topic of skepticism.

Andrea Rossi: skepticism from Thomas Florek on Vimeo.

I find Rossi’s position to be a rational one. We are all aware here of the hyper-skeptics about whom he speaks who simply don’t want to consider the possibility that there could be something to his technology. Honest skepticism is a normal reaction to a highly unusual claim, and that was my position when I first learned about the E-Cat. Upon study and investigation, my position changed because of the evidence that I looked at. As time has gone on I haven’t come across anything that has pushed me back to the skeptical position — quite the contrary.

I see now that we are again in something of a waiting position — which always seems to increase skepticism. The promised 3rd party report has been published, we’re anticipating a new one this coming autumn, and we’re now waiting for news about the industrial partner. The best information I have been able to obtain indicates that the partnership is indeed real and efforts are underway to ramp up industrialized production capabilities, and I’m expecting that in time there will be many fewer people holding a rational skeptical position regarding the E-Cat.