Cutting Overhead — E-Cat Partner's First Move

Andrea Rossi is reporting that the first E-Cat that the USA Partner has produced is going to be employed in providing heat to the partner’s factory — and when they have perfected electricity production, they will do the same for electrical power. I find this to be an entirely logical approach.

When people accept the idea that a new and superior energy source is coming along, a normal first response is, “when can I use it to cut my energy bill?” This seems to be the partner’s approach. If they now have the ability to build miracle energy plants, it makes perfect sense to install them first on their own premises before selling them to others. In doing so they will cut their energy costs tremendously, allowing for greater profitability — and also they will be able to thoroughly test the technology they are building. No doubt there will be refinement and development of E-Cat systems as they install and operate them.

This strategy will also have the effect of making it possible to make E-Cats as cheaply as possible. As a manufacturer’s production costs are cut, so should be the product price. In this way we should all benefit eventually from the low energy bills of Rossi’s partner.