The Pace of Change

I’m still travelling and am able to catch up a little here. Going through some of the comments here I was interested to read one by Guliano Bettini who noted a few comments by Andrea Rossi where he mentioned that he is now deeply involved in R&D involving the E-Cat — and since he is the chief scientist at the partner company, that’s what I would expect him to be doing.

I’m thinking we might find that the products that get built by the new partner could turn out to be quite a bit different from the 1MW plant that we have seen in various pictures and videos. That machine was basically a hand crafted one which took a long time to build, and then rebuild.

My expectation is that the units turned out by the new manufacturing partner will be redesigned quite significantly since it sounds like mass production processes will be involved. Andrea Rossi has said that in time he expects that thousands of 1 MW plants to be turned out each month. As for the domestic E-Cats, it’s hard to tell what the plans are. It seems to be a favorite idea of Rossi’s, but I’m not sure what the partner thinks of the idea since it could prove to be easily reverse engineered.

Whatever happens in the near term, however, I expect the pace of change in E-Cat design and improvement to be quite rapid. There seems to be a general acceleration in technological advances these days, and LENR development could mirror other tech fields such as microprocessors where for decades now processor speed and storage capacity has been doubling every eighteen months or so.