Italian Science Journalists to Cover Defkalion Demo

Greetings to all ECW readers — my vacation is now officially over, and I’m able to get back to normal in terms of access to the web site. I have been traveling quite a bit over the last few weeks and access to the web has been a bit difficult at times. I have tried to keep up with all the happenings in the world of LENR, and I appreciate the posts from readers here that have help keep things up to date.

Following up on news of the Defkalion demonstration during the ICCF conference, it looks now that there will be live streaming of a demo from a lab at Defkalion Europe in Milan, Italy. An announcement on Triwu, an Italian web site that deals with science and technology states (Google translated):

The most recent experiment of cold fusion will be streamed on Triwù. Monday 22 (12:00 pm)
Triwù in collaboration with Moebius , the transmission of Radio Science 24, Il Sole 24 Ore, offers direct from the laboratories of Defkalion Europe, in Milan, where he set up what can be called the most advanced experiment of cold fusion. (A side of this article you will find some insights audio taken from Moebius and Smart City, Radio 24) . . . Monday 22 to 12 we will see how the gimmick is made ​​of so much talked about but which was never visible to the general public . I describe in its various parts, and tell how the process works – or should work, we have already said, we will be non-partisan . But then we will also try to analyze the nature of the possible tricks and possible errors of assessment. streaming The event will be led by Federico Pedrocchi and Maurizio Melis.

Frederico Pedrocchi is a science journalist and is the director of a weekly science radio program called Moebius which is broadcast on the Italian Radio 24 – Il Sole 24 Ore station. Mariziou Melis is also a science journalist who contributes to the Moebius program.

Having some experienced and (hopefully) non-partisan journalists on hand should help bring some much needed attention to LENR, and hopefully from this demo we can get good understanding of the status of Defkalion’s technology. Not everyone is going to be convinced by an online demo, but it’s certainly a welcome development for people who have been hoping for more news and information from Defkalion.