Defkalion English Language Demo Thread, July 23

Here’s a new thread for discussion of today’s schedule presentation by Defkalion Green Technologies.

Today’s schedule of events at the ICCF-18 conference shows “Demonstration: Defkalion Reactor Startup” listed from 9:00-9:10 a.m. US Central time. This ties in with the schedule listed at which shows an event beginning at the same time.

It seems that today’s event will be something different than the discussion that took place yesterday in the Italian language webcast.


1. Two tests. The first test will use argon (control, or dummy test). The second will use hydrogen

2. They are using the 5th generation reactor. Designed not for maximum COP, but for them to control and understand the reactor.

3. 60 grams of active materials inside the reactor — 5 grams of nickel, the rest is supportive material

4. Plasma will trigger the reactors.

5. Water coming from the grid 25 C.

6. Mats Lewan of NyTeknik (Swedish science magazine) on hand to do testing.

7. Water flow 0.898 liters per minute.

8. They have started preheating the resistors.

9. Now in the active run — hydrogen rather than argon. Plasma is now ignited, and output power trace is now higher than the input. John H says they will gradually decrease the input power from here.

Right now input is 2.3, output is 2.8