Wired.co.uk Covers Defkalion Demo and ICCF-18

It’s good to see an article today by David Hambling in Wired.co.uk giving a positive and fair treatment of yesterday’s Defkalion demonstration, citing Swedish science journalist Mats Lewan as a reliable witness who had a generally positive response to the event which he participated in quite actively. Hambling seems to be open to the idea that Rossi and DGT’s technology my well lead to practical products in the marketplace before too long.

Hambling also reports on some of the other presentations scheduled at the ongoing ICCF-18 conference, including those from Francesco Celani, the MFMP team, and George Miley. A cautious note is introduced when Hambling quotes Steven Krivit who says he has serious concerns about the level scientific quality at this and other recent ICCF conferences.