Back to the E-Cat — Rossi's Level of Satisfaction is 'Top'

It’s not as easy as it once was to get Andrea Rossi to talk about his work. It appears that his new partners have put some restrictions on what he can publicly state — actually not very surprising considering the way corporations go about their business in highly competitive environments. Rossi has made it quite clear that he won’t be able to reveal too much about what he and his partner is up to, saying today on the JONP that “I will not be able to respond to specific questions about where we are or exact timing.”

In that light I put the following questions to Rossi today and received a prompt response:

Dear Andrea,

Understanding you are not able to answer specific questions regarding the current state of your technology and R & D, I wonder if you could indicate in general terms:

1. What is your level of satisfaction about the direction the E-Cat is going?
2. What is the rate of improvement to your systems since you have made your partnership?
3. How much enjoyment are you having in your role as Chief Scientist?
4. What is your level of optimism of seeing E-Cat products diffused in the marketplace over the next few years?

Many thanks, and best wishes,

Frank Acland

Andrea Rossi
July 25th, 2013 at 11:05 PM

Frank Acland:
1- top
2- remarkable
3- at last I can dedicate all my time to the scientific improvement, focusing on this all my energy
4- I am very optimist about this .
Thank you for your contonuous attention,
Warm Regards,

So not much detail, but generally the mood seems good, and it sounds like there have been significant advances made with the help of the new partnership. Of course I wonder about what Rossi & Co. thought of the Defkalion demonstration this week. I don’t doubt that they were paying close attention to everything that was going on, and they probably learned quite a lot from it. But since Rossi has said that he does not discuss his competitors, I didn’t think it prudent to ask about it.

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