Reasonable Doubts?

After two-plus years of publishing E-Cat World I have noticed a change in the tenor of the conversation regarding LENR — more specifically LENR+, the high powered brand of LENR that Rossi and Focardi introduced in early 2011. For a long time it seemed that we were in detective mode here, looking for every sliver of information that could corroborate the validity of the extraordinary claims. It seemed that early on, many people were hopeful of the technology being real, but couldn’t bring themselves to fully get off the fence.

It feels like things have changed now. The independent E-Cat test report and the recent Defkalion live demo appear to have put a lot of concerns to rest regarding the reality of the LENR+ phenomenon amongst those who have been following the story closely with an open mind. (I’m not referring here to those hardened skeptics who seem to have an irrational emotional objection to LENR+)

These are just my impressions gathered from reading what people on this and other sites are saying, along with talking to trusted friends on the topic. But I am wondering if I am right on this, and would like to submit to the collective wisdom of the ECW readership if there are still reasonable doubts out there that should prevent us from saying “case closed — it’s real, and let’s move on to the next stage which I believe is sharing the news with the 99.99 per cent of people who haven’t heard about this story which I feel deserves the attention of people everywhere.

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