No Defkalion Involvement at NIWeek — ICCF Slides Available

I know there has been some discussion about whether Defkalion will be participating at NIWeek this month in Austin, Texas. I have learned from a source who is in contact with the company that they will not be involved there this year, a fact which is borne out by their absence from the official program of events.

I’ve been told that Dennis Cravens will be doing an LENR demonstration at NIWeek, but can’t find a reference to that demo in the program.

Last year there was a keynote address by Robert Duncan of the University of Missouri on the ‘anomalous heat effect’, and a demonstration by Francesco Celani of his LENR reactor and this year NI was a sponsor of the ICCF-18 conference in Columbia, Missouri; and their CEO, James Truchard, was a keynote speaker there and explained NI’s philosophy is that they are “to measure, not to judge.” My guess is that NI will be happy to provide instrumentation to anyone who needs to measure anything, and I expect they have received a lot of good business from LENR researchers since the field has taken off recently.

Thanks for those who brought attention to the release of the slides from the presentation by Yeong E Kim and John Hadjichristos of Defkalion at ICCF. Here’s the link to them: