Defkalion Europe Freezes Work With Business Contacts Over Measurement Issues

There are sometimes when not knowing Italian can be a big disadvantage in this cold fusion story. Yesterday with the help of Google Translate I spent quite a bit of time on trying to figure out what the controversy was surrounding rumors of problems with some Defkalion testing.

There was an interview yesterday (August 3) on the Italion Il Sole 24 Ore station with Luca Gamberale, Chief Technology Officer at Defkalion Europe regarding some testing that had recently been done by unidentified 3rd parties. I thank ECW reader robiD for the following summary of the situation which seems to sum up the situation well:

Yesterday Luca Gamberale (CTO at Defkalion Europe) has released an interview to the science radio program Moebius broadcast on the Italian Radio 24 – Il Sole 24 Ore station. Gamberale said that there are some critical issues in the measurements that has been done until now on the Hyperion reactor. Defkalion Europe, as a client of Defkalion Green Technologies, has made the decision to “freeze” (the exact word used by Gamberale) the relationship with DGT as long as these critical issues won’t be solved.

According to many _rumors_ (actually well grounded and reported on Defkalion Europe asked independent tests on the Hyperion R5 reactor to several testers groups and, further _speculations_ say that some groups have found out a problem in the water flow reading. It’s not clear whether this is a problem in the functioning of the flow meter or something else but, given the particular problem (the flow meter worked correctly during calibrations), other hypothesis can’t be ruled out.

Also a statement by Moebius, the Italian science radio program addresses the issue.

Moebius Saturday to a new chapter on the controversial story about cold fusion (better defined LENR , Low Energy Nuclear Reaction).

On July 22, along with Triwù , web tv innovation, we have organized a streaming from the laboratories of Defkalion Europe in Milan, dedicated to describe how it works in general a cold fusion experiment (although this definition is controversial), streaming during the which is amply clear that the appointment was far from presenting as a demo.

On July 23, Defkalion, at the request of the World Conference on Cold Fusion going to Columbus in Missouri, held a long demo of about 10 hours, at which – it was obvious, being on the Internet – was attended by a very large number of people, almost 30 thousand contacts, among which many technicians. In particular, then, to an audience of 200 physicists gathered in Columbus, came for an hour and a half, many requests for clarification on the apparatus in operation.

This performance has prompted Defkalion the need to investigate aspects of the measurement. interview on Saturday 3 July [ed. August] Moebius will explain the various aspects of that decision .

The streaming video of the July 22 and 23 are available online at .

It’s still unclear to me what the actual problem is, but it seems quite serious for Defkalion HQ, if a joint venture partner is making public a discrepancy like this. I expect that the two parties will be trying to clarify the situation as soon as possible to avoid what could be a public relations problem.

And if any of our Italian friends could help clear things up, I’m sure all of us Italian language-challenged folks would be most grateful!