August Quiet

I get the feeling we may be in for a bit of a quiet time as far as LENR news goes. The month of August is traditionally a month off for many in Europe, so I’m not sure if we’ll hear much from Defkalion at this time. One would think the company would need to address recent uncertainty raised by Defkalion Europe, but it is probably not something they would do in public. If there is independent testing going on, DGT may have to update their protocols to satisfy the concerns of testers and that will probably take a bit of time.

As far as the E-Cat goes, it appears that there is somewhat of a lockdown on information coming from Andrea Rossi and Co. Rossi himself says that he won’t be taking August off — he says he is hard at work and that August will be ‘tough’. Rossi now responds to most questions about current developments by repeating the same press release-type statements that talk in only very general terms about ongoing e-cat testing and development.

I don’t doubt that there is much going on behind the scenes, but I think that work on the E-Cat is now being governed in a serious corporate manner now, which will mean tighter control on information flow. I don’t think the lack of news indicates lack of activity, but followers and observers who have been used to getting more regular updates and comments from AR over the years will have to get used to fewer bulletins from him.

I hope people enjoy what’s left of the summer. I’m sorry that our friends in the southern hemisphere won’t be getting much in the way of heat from cold fusion this year!