Rossi on Domestic Units (and Defkalion)

Here’s a comment by Andrea Rossi in response to a question about when the domestic E-Cat units might be available. If you read carefully, though he doesn’t mention them by name, there’s an obvious reference to Defkalion in parts 2 and 3. Rossi reveals again here that he really doesn’t believe that Defkalion has a viable technology — and it seems that his policy of not talking about his competitors has its limits sometimes.

Andrea Rossi
August 18th, 2013 at 7:34 AM
The sales of the domestic E-Cat will start after the following conditions will be satisfied:
1- the safety certification is obtained: the certification process is still in course, and such certification will not be granted until enough statistics will be available from the industrial plants. To certify the safety of appliances that will not be operated by certified operators is all but easy.
2- the IP protection has to be assessed: all the clowns around that are saying they have the technology, will be able to substitute their mock up ( and their unsustainable theories) with our E-Cats, slightly modified, and really compete with us when they will be able to buy for small amounts an E-Cat.
3- to avoid the point 2 we must be able and ready to manufacture million of pieces per month, to have prices enough low to forbid the foes to compete.
The points 2 and 3 can be assessed only after the point 1 is completed, therefore is impossible, now, to give dates. Therefore, all the persons that have made pre-orders must wait patiently. Pre orders are not binding, they just assure a position in the waiting list from when the domestic E-Cats will be for sale.
Said this, I must also repeat that the E-Cat technology is undergoing rigorous testing and validation and the results- positive, negative or inconclusive- will provide further guidance about its potential.
Warm Regards,

Those of us who have put in preorders for domestic could be in for an extended wait.