On the Swedish Showcase E-Cat Plant

I’ve been trying to find out what is going on with regards to E-Cat product development and commercialization, and have made contact with Hydro Fusion, Swedish E-Cat Distribution Licensee, to see if there was any progress on their project to deploy a showcase 1 MW E-Cat plant. The company put out a press release earlier this year looking for a customer in Sweden who would be willing to have a 1 MW E-Cat plant (low temperature — 120 degrees maximum) installed for free which could be used to demonstrate the technology to other customers.

Hydro Fusion responded to my request by saying that “everything is progressing well”, but that contract negotiations were still ongoing and no details could be made public until everything was signed.

There’s not a whole lot of news there, but it sounds like the project is still active. The original press release was looking for customers who could agree on a scheduled installation time of ‘late fall 2013’. So we’ll be keeping an eye out for more news on this front.