MFMP Finds most Encouraging Results So Far

Here’s a video in which Ryan Hunt of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project describes an experiment with an active and control cell that they have been running for several weeks now. Ryan describes the results of this test as the most encouraging that the MFMP has obtained so far. They report that:

” . . . initially the Control cell was running hotter. After a certian power input and loading level was achieved on one of the active wires in the Active cell, the dominance was reversed, with the Active cell producing temperatures significantly higher than the control. Experiments to explore the validity of this result were performed and seemed to verify that something interesting was happening. The experiment has been extended and the second wire is being loaded as this video is posted. Later, magnetic stimulation will be considered. We will soon launch a similar experiment in France and if it does something equivalent – we will finally have that elusive internal replication. You can follow the story and join the discussion here.”

It’s nice to see the persistence of the MFMP and that they seem to be making progress after so much hard work. As always they encourage comments and suggestions from interested observers. More details can be found at here: