What's the Google-Brillouin Connection?

One of the more interesting pieces of information that came out of Gary Hendershot’s interview with Robert Godes and Bob George of Brillouin Energy last night was mention of Google having been to see testing of Brillouin’s technology. They did not provide much detail of Google’s involvement, and Hendershot did not press for more information about it, but it certainly provides an intriguing connection.

Earlier today a poster here on ECW, Morgan, made this comment — “I have confirmed the Google bit. Google is aware of Brillioun and tests are currently ongoing.” Because of the anonymous nature of comments on blogs, one has to be cautious on how much stock we can place in them — but it’s interesting nevertheless.

Google is a company that has shown a good deal of interest in alternative energy over the years, and I have hoped that at some point they would show interest in LENR. They are actively involved in many breakthrough technological areas, and to me LENR would be a logical technology for them to explore. Google has an initiative they call Google Green in which they are committed to supplying their energy needs — which must be very high with all the computing power they need — from renewable energy, and they claim that they have committed over $1 billion to renewables.

The fact that Brillouin are still looking for funding suggests that Google has not (yet) backed them financially — perhaps that’s what the testing is all about. For LENR to become widely known it would be very helpful to have a well-known champion to bring attention to it. Perhaps Google will play a role in doing this.