Rossi on Burning his Finger (The Beginnings of the E-Cat)

I thought this was a comment by Andrea Rossi worth bringing attention to. It is always interesting to me to see the beginnings of great things. In most cases great things proceed from very small seeds, and Rossi here explains how the spark was ignited. While I have heard that the discovery of the E-Cat was initiated by Rossi burning a finger, this is the most detailed account of what happened that I have come across.

Adelheid J. Bohm
September 15th, 2013 at 9:13 AM
Dear Herr Doktor Rossi,

We see that your technology is verified thoroughly and it will go commercial only when absolutely sure as technology and ecology.

But your fans are longing for information including
the Start; can you please
tells us a bit about your Evrica Moment, about that gift of God, when you have discovered the Seed of the Rossi Effect?

Thank you much,

Andrea Rossi
September 15th, 2013 at 9:45 AM
Adellheid J. Bohm:
The first time I discovered the Effect has been in the USA in 1996, when I got about 3 watts, melting some Ni grains using a battery of 4 V as an energy source. I calculated ( miscalculated?) a COP 3. I was in Manchester, New Hampshire, in a small laboratory where I also worked in a steel carpentery to pay my expenses: when I came in the USA in 1996 I didn’t have money, because of what happened to me in Italy ( see I had to live with 1,000 $ per month, which was not easy, because I had to pay 600/month for the rent of the apartment.
I used a lab of that steel carpentery during the free time to make my experiments. When the nickel melted I touched it with a finger and the finger ( left index, I am left handed) got burnt: it has been the sole time in my life in which to be burnt made me happy ( I am not masochist). Very happy.
Before that day I had got effects, but not sure of the measurements, being the energies in the range of milliwatts, so very difficult to measure precisely with the instrumentation I had. I started working with Ni powders in 1993, when I decided that it was completely useless to go ahead along the path of electrolysis suggested by F&P ( which I studied very throughly) .
Warm Regards,
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