Rossi on 'Duty to God and Mankind'

Andrea Rossi has provided a bit more of a picture of his team’s goals and strategies in some recent comments on the Journal of Nuclear physics. When a reader asked if his American partner “has the will to give this technology to Humanity?” Rossi replied:

Of course yes: the Team I am working with is a team that already dedicate enormous resources upon targets inspired by the sense of duty toward God and Mankind. The motto of the USA is “In God we trust” and we are working ( vibrating) within this field of energy as particles in a Universe in evolution.

I followed up with a question about what the overriding goal of his team was.

Andrea Rossi
September 15th, 2013 at 9:36 PM
Frank Acland:
Make energy at much lower cost and without pollution.
Make jobs.
That’s why our Team is working and making a rigorous cycle of a very long term validation, to get the maximum possible reliability, efficiency, safety. I have the honour, in this period, to work not only with high level scientists and engineers, but also with workers with outstanding capacity and skills. We are making every day a progress, but I must warn that our technology is still in a phase of R&D and validation and that we will share any information, positive or negative, when we will have completed the validation in course. As a matter of fact, we have in course two validations, one made by a third indipendent party, that is carrying on the work initiated in March 2013 and that will continue in 2014, one by us. The two validations are in course in two different plants, each indipendent from the other. I think that the publication of all this work will be very interesting, indipendently from the results, positive or negative as they might be. The third party validation will be published indipendently from us on a scientific magazine, while the report of the validation made by us will be published in a Report of the Company.
Warm Regards,

This is the first time I have heard Rossi mention that the partner will be publishing a report. If two positive long-term validation test reports, one internal, and one one from an independent body are published simultaneously, it could get some attention and provide compelling evidence of the validity of the E-Cat.

It’s interesting to hear Rossi speak of his work in terms of doing it out of a sense of duty to God and mankind. That’s not typically the way corporate executives speak about their corporate goals these days, but I don’t doubt that Rossi is sincere in his expression. I believe, too, that he would not have signed up with a partner who was not of the same mindset — he says they share his philosophy. When asked last year why he decided to take the plunge and enter into partnership with the new company, Rossi said, “We made tests with the consultants and the engineers of the Partner after the signature of a contract with strong guarantees for both parties. I trusted them, they trusted me: their intentions were honest and my instinct told me they were not here to spy, but for real will of working with our technology. This fact cracked the nut.”

It looks now like we are going to be waiting until 2014 before these reports are released. I’m here for the long haul!