Self Healing Plastic Invented

Here’s another of those interesting non-LENR stories that I have come across that I found very interesting and thought I’d bring up here. According to an article on Chemistry World, scientists at the CIDETEC Center for Electrochemical Technologies in Spain have developed a plastic that when cut, can ‘reassemble’ at room temperature in about two hours.

In the article it states that the plastic “behaves as if it was alive, always healing itself and [its inventor] has dubbed it a “terminator” polymer – a tribute to the shape-shifting, molten T-1000 terminator robot from the Terminator 2 film. It acts as a velcro-like sealant or adhesive, displaying an impressive 97% healing efficiency in just two hours and does not break when stretched manually.”

As can be seen in an demonstration of this plastic in the video below, it looks very soft, but work is going forward to try and develop the same self healing properties in stronger plastics that can be used in cars, houses and electronic devices.

Just another of those interesting technological developments that could have far-reaching consequences. It is common for plastic consumer items to become useless when cracked or bent and have to be discarded — I’m also thinking about the plastic fender on my car which has some cracks in it right now! Use of plastics is ubiquitous in today’s world and if many different types of plastics can be developed that are able to reassemble it could revolutionize the industry.