Tom Whipple on the Current State of LENR

Tom Whipple of the Falls Church News Press, a weekly newspaper published in northern Virginia, has done a good job over the years covering developments in the LENR field. He has just written another article on the topic, this time focusing on Brillouin Energy who he considers a significant player along with Andrea Rossi and Defkalion. He does a nice job of summarizing the Brillouin brand of LENR:

While Brillouin’s Controlled Nuclear Capture Reaction may or may not ultimately prove to be correct, it is remarkably easy to understand. Hydrogen is loaded into a metal matrix, a controlled proprietary electro-magnetic pulse is sent through the metal and a series of reactions take place which ultimately result in the production of helium, lots of heat, and almost nothing else.

Whipple is one of the few newspaper journalists who has taken LENR seriously, and unfortunately he is not writing for a wide audience. His paper is a free regional paper that isn’t of great national influence. He considers the technology to be of great significance, and anticipates that engineering and development of the technology could be much more rapid that that of early aviation and automobile manufacturing which he notes took around 20 years to come into widespread use.