Defkalion in the News [Update from Mats Lewan]

Peter Gluck has a post on his Ego Out web site in which he relates that John Hadjichristos, of Defkalion Green Technologies visited him in Romania as he was presenting a paper (co-authored with Peter Gluck) at the Process in Isotopes and Molecules International Conference in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The paper includes a theoretical explanation of Defkalion’s Hyperion reaction and presents results of testing of the reactor done by Hajichristos and Prof. Young E. Kim (reported here at ICCF-18) which reported a Hyperion system producing excess heat with a COP of 3.08. A slide show of the presentation at the Romania conference can be seen here.

With regards to Defkalion, there is still an unresolved question regarding discrepancies in testing that were reported in August by CEO of Defkalion Europe Franco Cappiello, and Chief Technology Officer Luca Gamberale which caused DGT Europe to suspend business relationships with potential customers. There was supposed to be continued testing in September to resolve these measurement issues (surrounding flow calorimetry), but we haven’t heard anything from DGT Europe as of yet.

There has been considerable discussion in the comments area on Peter Gluck’s Ego Out article regarding the controversy over this measurement question, which includes a post from John Hadjichristos who writes:

I will agree that the comercialization/ industralization effort we follow, trying to define this new energy sector is complex and difficult requiring our productivity and responsibility to focus on far more important issues other than following and responding to any anonymous rumor in blogs aiming to opposite objectives .

Let’s hope that we hear more in the near future that can bring more clarity to the situation. Defkalion CEO mentioned in August that the company was looking into listing its stock on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and in order to do so one would expect they would not want unresolved questions hanging over them.


Mats Lewan has published a Q & A with John Hadjichristos conducted following the July Milan demo that he participated in. See here: