The Open Power Association

This morning I received an invitation to become an honorary member of the Open Power Association, which I was happy to accept. The association is the sponsor of the web site which is building on the work of Ugo Abundo, the Pirelli High School professor who started an open source cold fusion project with the Athanor cold fusion cell — now upgraded to the Hydrobetatron reactor.

The Open Power Association was organized formally this summer in Rome, and here is a translation of the goals and mission of the association from its constitution (courtesy of Google Translate)

The association aims to do research, to support shared research and the free exchange of knowledge in the field of new energy and energy in particular on energy , mainly, but not exclusively , in the field of ” LENR ” (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) , in order to reach applications practice that can be aimed at the benefit of all mankind, above all division ethnic, religious, political, cultural or otherwise, and any economic interest of third parties and of the Association who is a non-profit ; attain the objective will be achieved through the activities and procedures specified in the statute.

The officers of the organization are:

Ugo Abundo , President and Member of the Board;
Paola Pieravanti , Vice President , Secretary and Member of the Board;
Luciano Salvatore Saporito , a member of the Board;
Michele Di Lecce , a member of the Board;
Alessandro Burgognoni , a member of the Board;
Angela Venuto, Treasurer ;
Ugo Abundo , Scientific Director .

I have to say that it’s hard for me to follow a lot of the details on their web site since the text and videos presented are in Italian, but I have been assured that in the future there will be an English version of the web site.

An interview with Ugo Abundo, President and Scientific Director can be found here. Abundo states that preliminary testing shows that their system has been able to measure 4 times the amount of energy produced by their reactor than is input — and they are hoping to get outside validation.

I hope I am able to share more news from the Open Power association as time goes on.