Italian Senators Call for Celani Support (Restoring Funding, Lab)

There has been some activity in the Italian political and scientific communities recently over the funding of Francesco Celani, research in the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics. Apparently funding for his LENR research has been cut, and he has also been forced to leave his laboratory where he was carrying out his research.

Not reading Italian, and not being familiar with the political systems in Italy, this story has been a little hard for me to follow, but it has been significant enough for three members of the Italian Senate, Manuela Serra, Fabrizio Bocchino, and Gianni Peter Girotto, to have sponsored a proposal to restore funding and a laboratory to Celani for his LENR research.

The following link is to a document published on October 3 in the records of the Italian Senate, and makes a strong case for supporting LENR research in general, and Celani in particular.

I have to say that the Google translation of the document is quite hard to follow in detail, but the general idea is clear. The senators consider LENR to be a valid field of research (not junk science) that could prove to be a valuable energy source, and that Celani’s work should be supported.

Any help from our Italian readers would be appreciated here — please feel free to correct or clarify anything I’ve posted that might be inaccurate.