Rossi: No Industrial E-Cat for Pizza Ovens

On the Journal of Nuclear Physics Steven Karels recently suggested to Andrea Rossi that a the E-Cat would be a suitable power source for commercial pizza ovens which he says typically run 12-16 hours per day at temperatures of around 350C, consuming 6 kW of electric power. Karels suggested that this kind of application would make a good intermediate level E-Cat application, between the domestic and large industrial units.

Andrea Rossi’s response to the suggestion was simply, “This is a use for which the domestic certification is necessary” — meaning, I take it, that this kind of application would not be possible with the industrial E-Cat plants. Rossi gave a similar response to question about whether the industrial E-Cat plants would be suitable for heating an apartment complex, saying domestic certification would be requires, and industrial plants would work only on a district heating level.

My guess is that the strategy for Rossi and Co. is first to install the industrial units in places where they can be tightly controlled from a security point of view with constant surveillance in place to prevent tampering or theft. I suspect that along with safety certification issues, intellectual property concerns will initially keep the Partners from trying to put out small units very rapidly. Rossi has said in the past that his strategy with the domestic units, once certification is obtained, is eventually to flood the market with cheap units to dissuade competitors from reverse engineering and copying. But to do that, they would need massive production facilities in place — something that is unlikely to be the case at the moment.