How to Increase Popular Awareness of LENR?

Since Spencer Blohm’s guest post about cold fusion in popular culture I’ve been wondering about the lack of discussion about the topic in the popular culture.

Based on traffic to this site, responses to polls and comments here (and other places) I would estimate that in the world today there are fewer than 5000 people who are currently seriously interested in LENR and convinced that it has the potential to be a major source of energy. For those of us follow the topic closely, there is every reason to be excited about the potential of LENR, and to see it as a world-changing technology that deserves the attention of people of influence the world over.

The problem is that we have very little clout. There are a few websites and forums out there where people talk about LENR, and the number of people active in conversation is relatively small — probably numbering in the hundreds. Most of these sites (I know this one) seem to get little attention from key decision makers.

When the Elforsk report (authored by Levi et al) was published earlier this year, there was a flurry of attention from some more widely visited websites, but that tended to be of the more skeptical nature, and while that report has done a good deal to strengthen the confidence of LENR followers in the reality of the ‘Rossi Effect’, in my estimation the net result of its publication has added very little to the acceptance of LENR in the population at large.

We’re hearing that there are two more reports that are supposed to be published after long-term E-Cat tests (one from his partner, and the other from a third party group, and Andrea Rossi has said that eventually his partner will hold a press conference. Maybe that will be the tipping point, where finally the media will realize that this is a major story and they will report it through mainstream channels.

But maybe they won’t. And even if they do, maybe there will be a flash of attention, but nothing more. Maybe a few skeptical voices from people of influence will be enough to keep people from taking LENR seriously for a long time. Or maybe the fear factor will creep in and get the upper hand — where the E-Cat (or similar technology r) will be opposed based on some health and safety or security worries.

In this day of massive information publication where there is huge competition for the public’s attention it is difficult for any topic to stand out. What I’m wondering here is what can be done to spark the imagination of the public and bring cold fusion/LENR more fully into the spotlight — where I believe it deserves to be?

I am certainly happy to use this site as a vehicle to promote  publicity of any kind — and is available as a place where interested people can communicate and collaborate. There are other sites and spaces out there, too.

Here are some of my thoughts that I’ll throw out there on things that can make a difference in public perception and awareness.

  • Convincing demonstration of a working product
  • Testimonials from satisfied customers
  • News coverage in print, TV, online media
  • Celebrity spokesperson — someone who is well known and respected who is willing to go out and champion the cause
  • Educational campaigns by advocacy organizations
  • Media interviews of people informed about LENR
  • Well-produced videos (who knows what it takes for a video to go viral)
  • Political endorsements of LENR — proposed legislation
  • Film and TV coverage (See this group at LENRConnect to discuss this:

I’d like to tap the thinking of the readership here. What do you think could bring more positive visibility to LENR? And what might people like you and I do to bring these things about.