Robert Duncan Leaving U. of Missouri for Position at Texas Tech

Dr. Robert V. Duncan, one of the most prominent members of the US Academic community to champion research in the LENR field, is leaving his position as Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Missouri to become vice president for research at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. The Missourian newspaper reports that Duncan will resign his current position December 31st of this year.

The article notes his work in LENR:

“Duncan said he is proud of many accomplishments during his tenure as vice chancellor, including establishing the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance, which is a group of MU scientists who study low-energy nuclear reactions.”

The ICCF-18 conference was held at the University of Missouri this summer, at which Rob Duncan gave a keynote address. Duncan rose to prominence in the LENR field following his role as an independent investigator for the CBS 60 Minutes program in which he went to Israel to visit the labs of Energetics Technologies and after examining their work, concluded that there was anomalous heat being generated in their LENR processes.

Duncan is a proponent of rigorously applying the scientific method in cold fusion research, and has said that researchers should simply go where the data leads them without regards for the opinion or preconceived ideas about the topic.

Below is a video of Duncan talking about his interest in LENR, and the importance of continued research in the field at the 2012 NI Week conference in Austin, Texas.

UPDATE: Thanks to those who have provided the to the Texas Tech announcement of Duncan’s new appointment. Here it is: