Rossi Now in Florida Real Estate Business

It appears that Andrea Rossi is branching out in the business world. He is named in a filing on (the state of Florida’s register of corporations) as an officer/director of REFC Real Estate Corp — with the address listed (1331 Lincoln Rd, Aprt 601, Miami Beach) being the same as the one for Leonardo Corporation.

The original registration of the company took place on June 12th, 2013, and lists Andrea Rossi and his wife, Maddalena Pascucci as directors. See original filing documents here.

REFC Real Estate Corp. is listed as the owner of eight properties in the Miami-Dade County’s register of property taxes. According to the tax records, the assessed value of the properties amounts to almost $1,180,000 in total.

It’s hard to see any connection between Rossi’s E-Cat work and these properties — they all seem to be small residential apartments. However it does indicate that Rossi now have funds to invest. For a long time when he operated solo it seemed that money was very tight for him. Now, possibly Rossi has used some of the proceeds he received from his new business deal with his US partner to invest in real estate.