On the Eventual Press Conference

Andrea Rossi has mentioned that at some point, once the internal testing of the E-Cat that is apparently currently ongoing, there will be a press conference held. I asked a few questions of Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, and followed up with an email for some more details about this event, and got a few answers, but not many details.

Here’s what he did say.

The conference would be held once the results of the long-term internal testing are published. He provided no firm time frame but said it would be months away. (Probably because long term testing is still going on)

‘Maybe’ the theory behind the E-Cat operations would be revealed at this event. (I would guess that means it probably won’t — since he said the same about the October 2011 demo)

That he could not say whether there would be news about business or commercial aspects (“It will not depend on me. Surely will give the results of the validation tests we are making internally”.)

That I will get an invitation to attend.

It may be instructive to realize that a press conference with a demonstration of the E-Cat took place back in January of 2011 in Bologna, Italy, when Rossi and Focardi first went public with their discovery. Apart from the relatively few people interested in the subject, the event was basically ignored by the world. If we hope that another media event will finally wake up the world to the reality of the Rossi Effect, we may be disappointed.

However, there could be a difference this time, especially if the US partner is revealed at the conference, and it is a respected and capable company. Many who are skeptical about the technology have often called for more credible and respected backers of the E-Cat (and LENR in general) to step forward before it will be taken seriously. (Personally, I’m satisfied that the necessary evidence has been provided, but I know I’m not the typical person in this regard).

Maybe this event, if well thought out and providing strong evidence, will finally provide the backing that many are seeking for, and help launch the E-Cat further into the public consciousness.