Fox Business: MIT-based Company Proposes Mobile Nuclear Plants for Military

Thanks to ECW reader Stage169 for bringing attention to a story on the Fox Business Channel titled
3 Energy Trends With the Power to Change the Future. Gabrielle Karol interviews Graham Lawlor founder of Future Energy, a company that works to uncover promising new startups in the energy sector.

Lawlor mentions that the boom in the oil and gas industries in the United States has resulted in cheaper natural gas which has had an adverse impact on alternative energy projects in the USA. Lawlor then mentions the importance and value of distributed energy sources. When asked about The most surprising ideas has come across comes from an unnamed company at MIT which proposed a portable nuclear plant that could be deployed in military theatres to provide electricity in place of diesel generators that are now used which have the great disadvantage of requiring a constant supply of fuel.

I expect that the nuclear technology proposed here are small-scale nuclear fission plants which have been proposed as much better and safer alternative to the large nuclear plants that are currently in use around the world. I doubt that at the moment there would be any LENR technology capable of this kind of application coming out of MIT right now.

But in time, this kind of portable LENR plant would be highly desirable by militaries, and indeed Rossi says that first E-Cat plant is being used in a military setting. LENR could turn out to make warfare more efficient in a number of ways.