Elforsk Magazine Features LENR/E-Cat

An article in Elforsk Perspektiv, a trade magazine published by Swedish energy R&D organization Elforsk takes a serious look at LENR, and Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat in particular. The title of the article is “Unknown “nuclear” process can revolutionize the world’s energy”, and it provides a comprehensive overview of the topic. The article covers the involvement of Swedish professors Essen and Kullander in testing the E-Cat, and also the 3rd party tests published earlier this year. The information in the article is not really new to those who have been following the topic over the years, but to my mind, its significance lies in the fact that an important national industry organization is taking the topic seriously.

The original Swedish version of the article can be seen in PDF format here, and a Google translation of the text can be read in English here.(Thanks to Alain!)

What I think we are seeing here is the realization by qualified professionals who look at this phenomenon with unbiased eyes, that there is something going on with LENR that should not be ignored. We know that Elforsk were sponsors of the recent third party E-Cat testing, and that they have budgeted 230,000 Euros per year in 2013 and 2014 for further investigation of the E-Cat — showing how serious they are about their investigations. To my mind, this is a very rational and responsible approach to take by an organization with the responsibility to improve the energy industry in its country. I look forward to learning more from Elforsk on the subject — it may turn out to be an organization that sets the pace in the industrialization of LENR.