Kim-Hadjichristos Publish Paper on Defkalion Nickel-Hydrogen

A paper titled “Theoretical Analysis and Reaction Mechanisms for Experimental Results of Hydrogen Nickel Systems” written by University of Purdue professor of physics Yeong E. Kim, and John Hadjichristos, Chief Technology Officer at Defkalion Green Technologies is now online — the PDF can be read here.

The abstract of the article reads:

Experimental results for anomalous heat effect and super magnetic field observed for hydrogen-Nickel systems
are described. Theoretical analysis and reaction mechanisms are presented using theory of Boson cluster state nuclear fusion (BCSNF) based on the optical theorem formulation. Observed excess heat generation and anomalously large magnetic field are explained by theoretical descriptions based on nano-scale explosions (“Bosenova”) and proton supper currents.

The two authors gave a presentation on the subject at this year’s ICCF-18 conference held at the University of Missouri. The slide show from that presentation can be found here.

One of the interesting aspects of the paper is the report of their measurement of producing 1.6 tesla fields for 4 seconds from a distance of 18 cm after the spark plugs have fired — which is something that indicates that direct electrical production could be feasible with such a system. (See section 3.3 on page 3)

Defkalion has been quiet lately — we don’t have any indication yet that they are going to be listing their stock on the Toronto stock exchange as was suggested by CEO Alexandros Xanthoulis earlier this year. The information in this paper could be useful if they do start to make a move to interest the public.