To Andrea Rossi's Partner Company: Roar!

The following is a guest post by Rick Allen. The opinions expressed in guest posts are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of E-Cat World.

To Andrea Rossi’s Partner Company:

I’ve been following the progress and development of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat technology since it was first publicly demonstrated. The test reports and other evidence I’ve studied has convinced me that his technology (which may now legally belong to you) is not only “authentic” and “real” – but it’s also the only viable solution to the energy crisis. I assume that you are far more aware of this than me.

Very little is actually known about the identity, size, or expertise of your company. However, from what Andrea Rossi and others in the know have indicated, you are an ideal match for his needs. This tells me you are a sizable company with enough personnel to devote multiple teams of scientists and engineers to the development of the energy catalyzer. A technology with the E-Cat’s potential deserves nothing less. While the E-Cat may seem too good to be true it is an absolute reality and possesses qualities which make it an ideal energy source. It is safe, clean, recyclable, uses dirt cheap raw materials, and is relatively simple to manufacture.

The E-Cat has the potential to lower the cost of energy down to almost nothing. A well designed, automated factory could produce millions of reactor cores at a low cost. I cannot imagine a unit capable of powering a home costing more than a high end air conditioning unit. In time, the cost would go down even more.

All this means that E-Cat technology is critical to the future of our civilization. It is not only a solution to the problem of scarce energy resources, but almost a miracle. The idea that a technology could have so many benefits and so few, if any, drawbacks is almost beyond belief. If used appropriately, it could bring about a new age of prosperity and abundance, instead of poverty and scarcity, to our planet.

I view this technology as belonging to a unique category of inventions that are truly paradigm-shifting, with the potential to impact every human life on this planet. For this reason, I think it is in some ways bigger than one individual, one small group, or even one company. The original discovery of ordinary fire was revolutionary, but I expect the E-Cat, the “New Fire,” to spread even more quickly through a world that desperately needs it.

Your company has already shown the foresight and courage to invest time, money, and human resources into  E-Cat technology. I’m sure that the decision was not an easy one, and risks were involved. You should be commended for your choice.

I would like to request that your company makes another brave decision that may involve taking another risk. Please provide additional evidence of the E-Cat to the world.

I’m not asking for the results of the extended, six month long test. Instead, I’m requesting you show indisputable evidence that the technology does work as claimed. For example, perhaps a test of the “Hot Cat” in pure self-sustain mode in which the input power was removed or dramatically reduced, and the output continued to increase for a period of hours – defying conventional scientific thought.

“Why are you asking for this?” you may ask. I know that Andrea Rossi has already released test results that prove the E-Cat works. However, the reality of the technology has not yet penetrated into the collective mind of our species. I think this is for many reasons, including the fact that his enemies have been continuously attempting to discredit him and the technology since the first public demos. This has resulted in the world moving on, ignorant of the reality of the technology, while our civilization continues to cascade into chaos.

My hope is that if your company would release such data, signed off by potentially dozens of your top scientists, it could break through the various barriers that have kept LENR research somewhat obscure and very controversial. If these obstacles can be overcome, then the reality of the “New Fire” could begin sweeping across the world like the “Old Fire” did so long ago. With billions of minds opened to the truth, leaders and governments could start making educated, informed decisions about our future. For example, subsidies being wasted on dead end technologies (compared to LENR) like the oxymoron of “clean coal” and solar power could be cut. Also, billion-dollar hot fusion research could be terminated, and the money could be either saved or redirected. Finally, instead of holding the position that LENR is pseudoscience, universities could begin teaching about the reality of the technology and begin sponsoring research in the field.

By providing indisputable test data backed up by your scientists and engineers, our civilization could start moving forward instead of spinning our wheels in the muck. Obviously, there may be some downside to your company. Once the world knows, beyond a doubt, that the E-Cat is real, there will be increased competition for you. But I like to think that in the TRILLION dollar energy market, there is enough room for many different companies to make a significant profit while making the world a better place at the same.

My request may seem a little out of line with traditional business practices – especially when the primary goal is maximizing profit. I admit that I’m not a businessman, but if I were, I would consider the goodwill value of releasing such information. Perhaps the creation of additional competitors may take a percent or two off the bottom line at some point in the future. But the act of alerting the world to the reality of LENR would be a great act of altruism on the part of your company. Any company can strive to outwit those who would like to produce a similar product. Conversely, it takes an extraordinary organization to make the progress of mankind an additional priority.

I’m not asking your company to give away trade secrets, catalysts, or intellectual property. Instead, I’m simply asking you to speak up and share the reality of this technology with the world.

If the E-Cat had a voice I’m sure it would be shouting. . .

“I’m here. I’m real. I work — please use me!”

You could be the company that becomes the true and recognized voice of cold fusion/LENR as a whole. By giving up a small amount of secrecy, you could help do even more to fan the flames of the New Fire. This is your chance to spread not only good news, but the BEST news since the discovery of electricity, antibiotics, or the internal combustion engine.

The Bible says not to hide your candle so that your light is hidden, but to hold it high for everyone to see. I urge your company to do the same.

Be like the great cats of the earth. Don’t stay concealed in the tall grass of the fields. Emerge and…



Rick Allen