Rossi Stays Scientific in Predictions

Many people have been noticing that any time Rossi talks about the testing that is underway he mentions the long term testing that he says in ongoing, he mentions that the results of the reports will be reported whether “positive or negative.” A poster today brought attention to this point and challenged him on it:

“My question is how could them be negative ? There is already a rigorous scientific research stating that eCat works, even if COP is not well clear but certainly >1. So, what kind of negative results are you thinking ?
Finally, ok nobody knows future but … do you feel optimistic about the POSITIVITY of the results of that test ?”

Rossi’s response was, as usual, very disciplined:

Andrea Rossi
October 31st, 2013 at 9:11 AM
Marco Serra:
As I said, the results will be communicated after the end of the validation tests in course. The difference between the tests in course and the ones done in past are essentially based upon the duration, which means that the reactors are reliable in a long term. It is true that we already made long term tests, but not with a third party. I think it is not scientifically correct to say ” I am optimist”, I prefer to say ” We are measuring”. I sympathize with your anxiety to have good news, and I thank you for this, really. Bu I can say nothing until the end of this validation cycle.
Warm Regards,

I don’t think there is anything that can be read into his noncommital response. If you go back before the May report was published, Rossi was saying similar things. He’s playing well the part of Chief Scientist by not tipping his hat. It’s usually a much better policy to let events to speak for themselves, rather than setting up unrealistic expectations. And of course, there’s always something that could go wrong, and it would be embarrassing to declare victory and then have to backtrack.