What's Google Floating? (T-Shirt Contest!)

There is growing speculation about what Google might be constructing on barges that are floating near Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay. There are also reports of similar structures being built off the coasts of Oregon and Connecticut.
USA Today is reporting that the US Coast Guard has visited the structure in the Bay, and that they have signed a non-disclosure agreement based on ‘commercial confidentiality’, so will not say what they have seen there. (It seems a bit odd that a private corporation would be able to bind a government agency to secrecy — but that’s another story).

Here’s a news report about the structure from San Francisco’s KPIX TV station.

I’ve seen some here speculate that perhaps this could be a floating power station, powered by E-Cats. I have my doubts about that, since it seems the E-Cat still seems to be very much in the R & D phase. Some suspect these structures could be floating data centers, and the news report above speculates maybe they are floating retail facilities to sell Google Glass products.

The fact is that no one had been able to find out yet what is going on — but it’s a very curious state of affairs, and I expect interest will grow the longer the mystery remains unsolved.

For a bit of fun, I will donate an E-Cat World T-Shirt to the first person who guesses correctly about what these structures are. Write your answer below and when the curtain is lifted we will check and see who the first person was to get it right!