Piantelli forms Protium Srl. to Sell Shares to the Public

22Passi.blogspot.com is reporting the formation of Protium Srl, by Francesco Piantelli and his associates. The following is excerpted from a Google translation of the article on Daniele Passerini’s site.

The “front” of LENR research headed by Professor Francesco Piantelli has returned to give news of him after several months of silence. He did it two days ago, a mailing list of known energeticambiente forum to which they had entered anyone interested in receiving news sull’azionariato linked to LERN Piantelli reactors. Two days ago the above mailing list was sent an information document (with an attached depth technical), which traces the history and takes stock of the results achieved to date by the research and Piantelli – shows setting the Group’s corporate formed to finance the continuation – announcing the opportunity for everyone to become member investors. I summarize briefly the contents of the disclosure document . . .

Unlike other competitors in the race for LENR (Andrea Rossi in particular), the Piantelli group chose to work quietly and discreetly; currently testing continues on two main fronts:
  • study and processing of transition metals (the “fuel” to feed the cells LENR);
  • study and analysis of multiple cells compared simultaneously (powered by different types of “fuel” and driven by different procedures).
It is reported that the increase in the number of tests performed and the results obtained have led to an exponential increase in the understanding of the phenomenon in its control and in the development of the reactors.
To support the search for Piantelli have thus formed two companies:
  1.  Nichenergy Srl  (composed exclusively by prof. Piantelli and the first financing partners that have allowed the resumption of work) that owns the technology, patents, laboratory, and has signed an agreement with a corporation that contributes significantly to the development of research and split with 50% Srl Nichenergy any revenues that will accrue.
  2.  Protium Srl of which may become part (through the purchase of shares) all those (individuals, businesses, companies) who want to contribute to the project by investing capital or other resources and will receive 20% of all revenues that Nichenergy Srl will derive the territory of the European Community.
Those who are interested in receiving the information document (6 pages) and the technical study (33 pages), please send an email to [email protected] as is explained precisely on energeticambiente .

Piantelli has been granted a patent by the European Patent Office for a nickel-hydrogen reaction process and it looks like he is setting up to try and compete with the efforts of Andrea Rossi, who has rather taken all the attention in the area of nickel-hydrogen LENR. The work of Piantelli has been done, as mentioned above, without much fanfare or publicity, and I’m not aware of any public demonstrations or validations of his systems, and it would be very interesting to get more details of the testing that has been carried out.

Although the late Sergio Focardi, Andrea Rossi’s partner and collaborator worked first on nickel-hydrogen LENR with Piantelli, Rossi has been somewhat dismissive of Piantelli’s work, at one time mentioning that the process described in the patent did not work. I expect that at some point we’ll see legal challenges launched in this arena.