Rossi: E-Cat Secret's in Space

Andrea Rossi is famously reluctant to say anything about his theory about how the E-Cat works, so it’s a bit of a surprise to read the following exchange on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today:

Joseph Fine
November 1st, 2013 at 5:27 PM
Ing. Rossi, Robert Curto and Readers,

Dark matter and dark energy may or may not exist. According to recent news (see article below), a recent search for Dark matter has revealed nothing. Excellent detectors, more well-designed experiments and some old-fashioned luck will be needed to gather further, if any, evidence. If dark matter/energy exists, humankind may not be ready to deal nobly with the grand architecture (and the Grand Architect) of the universe, as many do not deal nobly with each other.

Meanwhile, the 4 or 5 % of the universe made up of ordinary matter seems to have become extraordinarily interesting.

Best regards,

Joseph Fine


Dr Joseph Fine:
I agree.
In any case the observation of the astrophysic phenomena has given bases to the theory behind the work we are doing. Together with Prof. Focardi we analyzed some reactions that are foundamental for what now we call the “Rossi Effect”. It will be very interesting when the situation will allow us to disclose the theory we are working upon. Universe is a wonderful and ( relatively) free nuclear laboratory, in which happen and can be measured events that are impossible to be reproduced in a lab, as Cerny as it might be.
Warm Regards,

I really don’t know enough about astrophysics to comment here, but Rossi has always come across as someone who is very well-versed in theoretical physics, and can converse with knowledge and ease on the topic. He sounds like he is eager to reveal his theory, but I am sure that there are very important competitive reasons why he has to keep quiet for now.

I do wonder what astrophysical phenomenon has attracted his attention.