MFMP Tease about Gamma

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s website has been a bit quiet recently and I’ve been wondering what those guys have been up to. Well, it seems they have something they feel is significant to share based on a teaser post and video they have just put up on their site.

In the post they say:

“we have been working on something, following the evidence of a series of events that were there and then were not – but we are now confident to talk about why we wish to follow that evidence and how we intend to do it. It will mean a few months of experiments on both sides of the pond.

If it proves fruitful and not a dead end, then we will have a table top demonstration of LENR and potentially, the hoped for results could point to how we can light the New Fire together, with understanding of what is going on and why.”

The video is titled Gamma: Up and Coming and the Youtube comment from the team states:

“Doing what we can, if we are lucky and what we have seen evidence holds up to closer scrutiny, the next few months could be critical for the history of the New Fire”

It’s all a bit vague from what is posted here, but apparently there is more to come.