MFMP Report Detection of Unusual Gamma Rays [Updated: Biberian Replicates]

There is a new blog post on the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s site titled “Gamma” reporting on an interesting development in their experimental work. In the course of one experiment, Mathieu found something interesting as he refilled a leaking cell:

Adjacent to the cells he had placed an unshielded geiger counter that normally registered around 22 counts per minute dropping to 12 and rising to around 30. In September 2013, he noticed that each time he refilled the cells, shortly afterwards, the counts leapt up to around 60-90

Background radiation was reported as being between 12-28 pulses per minute, and with the recharged cell, the count rose to 40+

The team has been able to obtain a NaI (TI) radiation detector which will be much more precise in measuring gamma rays than the geiger counter they have been using so far.

Why do the MFMP see this as such important news? Well, so far they have not been fully confident that excess heat measurements they have seen to this point have been strong enough to provide proof of LENR. They say:

to put it plain and simple – it would mean that we have a incontrovertible demonstration of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR).

Additionally, knowing the energies of any Gamma emissions would help determine the underlying process and help indicate what power can be achieved by singular events and overall potential yield. Lastly, it will help dictate paths for material science, control, stimulation and safe operation that will take the technology forward.

Below is a video of an attempt to reproduce this experiment.

Thanks to the MFMP for their dedication and commitment in carrying out this painstaking work, and reporting their results to the world. I hope we get to hear more on this intriguing development as time goes on. I’ll make sure I report on further news here on E-Cat World.

UPDATE: Bob Greenyer just posted the following comment here regarding an interaction with Jean-Paul Biberian:

Our ‘Gamma’ blog has its first update and it is a BIGGIE.

We have just been phoned by Jean-Paul Biberian, he had been sent yesterday the advance pdf of our ‘Gamma’ blog post by a donor. He was so intrigued by the finding that he put his schedule to one side and immediately attempted a replication.

We are a little excited right now, he independently saw what we saw over the early weeks of the experiment and what we recorded on video last week, in a different calorimeter, in a different lab, with a different H2 gas supplier. The wire was plain joule heated constantan 25 micron. The Gamma detector was the same make as ours which whilst encouraging is not telling the shape of the burst or the spectra – that will come though.